If you skim, read this weight gain recipes

Skinny people lose confidence not only in life but also increase the risk of dangerous diseases such as anemia, gastric prolapse, osteoporosis, infertility in women, … Here are the steps to gain weight fast, healthy, safe whether you lean in any level of efficiency.

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Many skinny people are often impatient in getting quick weight gain should use the drugs of unknown origin on the market help increase 5-6 kg in a month without even knowing that they contain components of corticosteroids-a substance which causes water , area of the sodium salt, created and brave enough to sleep, cravings, … If the abuse will result in more serious consequences such as increased risk of high blood pressure, muscle atrophy, decreased absorption of calcium, … and when not using anymore will immediately lost weight.

However, the skinny people should know that, want to gain weight fast is based on the development and construction of the bunch. So, here is a hint the step to gain weight fast for skinny people:

The full complement of nutrients for the body

Skinny people want to gain weight fast is important to the full complement of nutrients for the body to build tissues and muscle bundles. Reasonable meal for skinny people want to gain weight fast must ensure sufficient substance group: 4 starch, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals.

Purification of toxic waste for the body

Not only fat people must purge, skinny people also need to regularly purge toxic waste by the body every day we put on a lot of body toxins from food, drinking water and from the air. Toxins accumulate too long on a weakened immune system, making it difficult to absorb the nutrients that prevent you from gaining weight.

Take care of the digestive system

Skinny people need healthcare the digestive system to absorb the food thing because in the gut thin often lack benefits bacteria leads to poor absorption. The beneficial bacteria secrete digestive enzymes to help digest the food part is hard and produce the vitamin helps the body to absorb nutrients. This is also the factory produced 75% of the antibodies should lack the beneficial bacteria immune system also should go skinny people are often poor or sick, eating no delicacies. Take care of a healthy digestive system from within is not to be missed if people want lean fast weight gain.

How to gain weight fast in just one simple step

Not everyone has time to make enough healthy weight gain, 3 step safety as on by only providing enough nutrition in a daily meal in the modern life is also very difficult. So the choice of superior natural nutrition source as Solar supplementary and beneficial Algae bacteria from probiotics Bifina help take care of the digestive system is the perfect way for people who want fast weight gain lean.

Solar algae are the main ingredient is natural Spirulina-Green foods held UN IIMSAM used to fight malnutrition for the 2 million children in the developing countries.

Solar algae and Bifina help people gain healthy lean from 4-6 kg thanks to 5:

-Offers over 100 nutrients help skinny people gain weight fast: especially the whole protein content of high (65-70%, offers 18 kinds of 20 types of amino acids necessary for the body), is the material tissue regeneration, creating the framework for the muscles , tendons, is mandatory to up the weight.

High quality GLA has the effect of stimulating the creation of prostaglandins – hormone regulate mainstream all cells of the body: the heart, the circulatory system, skin and muscle systems. The lack of this hormone the body can not on weight.

Solar algae Spirulina is the ideal food for the lean healthy weight, safety

-Purification of toxic waste to the body thanks to the powerful antioxidant: phycocyanin, chlorophyll, beta-carotene, … helping to dig the whole waste toxins accumulate on long in the body, help strengthen the immune system.

-Stimulates the appetite, increase the appetite: thanks to the zinc minerals and microscopic adequate essential body needs important.

-Deep dreamless sleep, Help reduce stress stress: thanks to the B vitamins (B1-B12) and tryptophan amino acids and 2 nmol.

-The perfect combination of Algae and Bifina Japan: help people absorb what went lean. Many types of food indigestion need special enzymes secreted by the beneficial bacteria. Also those of appetite, eating poorly due to lack of beneficial bacteria, so additional benefit when bacteria help the lean feel appetite, appetite.

In addition, the beneficial bacteria also produce out 75% of resistance can help strengthen the body’s resistance. Full beneficial bacteria helps the digestive system health, healthy source of nutrition maximum absorption take on, help the easy lean weight.

Use the Solar Algae growth material and Bifina is a comprehensive solution to help you gain weight healthy, increasing from 4-6 kg after the data, don’t lose weight when discontinuation of use, and stabilize the digestive system, healthy sleep gourmet , improve morale, help you confidently and balanced physique.


When “boy” more often

Phimosis: the skin of the penis is often very thin, the skin at the top of the fold backwards into the form two layers should be called foreskin. If the mouth narrow foreskin, it will grab the top of the penis, known as phimosis. Babies have this phenomenon called congenital phimosis. Also a type of phimosis after birth, due to inflammation of foreskin, mouth foreskin retraction.


Hidden penis: due to the fat layer in the pubic bone, penile skin lacks make indented skin penis in the pubic bone.

Penis swapped: due to the sound development of follicles to the front of the penis making the penis lagged behind, because with other malformations should symptoms patients often do not survive. Some cases the penis swapped with cracked under the urethra.

Rotate the penis: from structural Anatomy of the penis can penis due to hang and be porous form, if possible, the penis is not balanced development will rotate the penis, the degree of rotation depends on the balance of the can of foam.

Webbed penis: a range of thin skin running from the Lunar capsule to the stomach membrane vậttạo Ocean connection as in the propeller.

Echoing the penis: penis include branching and repeat the penis, but mostly penis bifurcation.

No penis: penis congenital do not develop, the mouth of the urethra in the perineum or anus edge, even in the rectum, however this case is very rare.

Hypertrophy: penis penis mature about 7-10 cm, while diamonds can double up, but this can be longer in patients to more than many. Common in people who play soon, people with Down syndrome, pituitary functions and powers enhanced adrenal function.

Small penis: infants are 3.5-5 cm-long penis, small penis, while often not up to 1 cm., eldest of the penis looks like a child’s.

Bent penis: due to congenital short penis hang makes curved penis.

In summary, when you see the “boy” different, should soon visit at children’s for treatment soon, should not be belittled.

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Women who give birth after 7 years of menopause

According to the Independent, Tess married Neil Morten in 2003. Young couples like to lay the right song forever with no good news. Although thanks to the help of medicine with costs of up to 20,000 Board (equivalent to more than 610 million), Tess and Neil still can’t be satisfied.

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In 2010, Tess menopause. She believed that all hope was completely vanish. End of the year 2016, Tess suddenly feel unwell. During the months of her abdominal pain and nausea. Doctors suspect Tess gets ovarian cancer should encourage her to “prepare for the worst”.

But when ultrasound, Tess realize I don’t have any problems on the ovaries. “The doctor watching the screen and then says:” her right ovary but look at this “. And then I saw the baby and the upturn “-Tess. The medical team concluded the woman was three months pregnant. 

Tess to share the good news with her husband making him break Boo, because happiness. Next day, the couple returned to the hospital and saw the girls are sucking your thumb. In January, baby Molly was born healthy at the Royal Berkshire HOSPITAL. 

In recent years more and more women over the age of the birth under 50. Notably the singer Janet Jackson, sister of music legend Michael Jackson. In 2006, she welcomed her first child when the already 50 years old.


In the case of Tess Morten, doctors identified her drug used to relieve menopausal symptoms has helped her pregnancy.

Shaving cream can harm sperm

Research by the University of Massachusetts, Amherst material phthalates, a chemical often in shaving and personal hygiene products, other families may have a negative influence over the fertility of males.

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The research group has tracked 48 couples, collect urine samples during the day that men donate essential to evaluation of the level of phthalates. They discover that phthalates can change the DNA in the sperm by the chemical change affect the proteins form genes, adverse effects to the sperm.

According to the researchers, this danger occurs during production and sperm maturation in the testicles. If there are high levels of phthalates in males at this time, there will be many risk their sperm affected, at the same time can reduce the sperm count.

However, scientists are not yet sure about the change that phthalates created with DNA. They identified the genetic area 131 which phthalates impact, many of these genes are related to the growth, development, works to maintain the function of the cell.


According to the study, the men want to do dad should avoid products that contain multiple phthalates in as long as at least three months. Along with that, can the manufacturer of these products should review the ingredients themselves used in shaving cream.

Vietnamese fruits, root-filled loss to overseas cost 1.5 million/kg

Recently, many people share information about results of pouteria lucuma (chicken egg) root-filled loss to the Vietnamese do not appetite to 1.5 million available overseas/kg of flour.

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Many people wonder, so the use of what it is, and with the price of 1.5 million VND/kg of flour are worthy uses or not?

Exchange with REPORTER, Liang y Vu Quoc Trung (Hanoi Medical Council) said, the fruit is not pharmaceutical in Oriental medicine but have very good nutritional value, enhances health.

“This Result has good nutritional value so that many places still find the original full loss, no one picked up the feed”, Medium Of Dance for health or salary.

According to Liang y Universe Quoc Trung, chicken eggs good for heart disease, helps to increase the rate of hemoglobin in the blood, stimulate the activity of the nervous system efficiency, reduce blood cholester, prevent cardiovascular diseases and obesity.

In addition, eating chicken eggs will often help you get healthy and beautiful skin, you can use chicken eggs to the cream leather effect white bath.

In particular, chicken eggs that contain high nutritional content, vitamin and minerals are abundant. However, this fruit when ripe will be very sweet. So, if eating more will suffer diabetes, blood fat. …

According to experts, pouteria lucuma has attractive flavor should become the main raw material for many dishes, beverages. In addition to the fresh food, the longer the processed pouteria lucuma powder, can preserve is 1 year.


Pouteria lucuma fruit to pick sweet, aromatic, unconsolidated, should not left its nice ham should choose heart-shaped fruit, a pointed, thin crust, if eaten right then remove software.

Truth cold drink after eating harmful heart? 

Share issue cardiovascular harmful drinking cold water, Ths.Bs. Ly Duc Ngoc – Hospital Heart Center E said: drink cold water immediately after a meal is actually not related to the risk of cardiovascular disease. The only cardiovascular risk of hypertension, diabetes, smoking, dyslipidemia. Should say cold or hot water immediately after a meal is not good for the cardiovascular system is no scientific basis and it takes time clinical research. Just note that people with chronic heart disease should avoid hot and cold emotions easily cause sudden onset of acute exacerbation.

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As far as I know, if regularly used excessive cold drinks will be short of water supply for the cells, while the amount of water accounted for 70% of body weight. Also, despite cold drinks can do temporary euphoria but the heat does not escape, as drink plenty of cold drinks as it will make the pores become clogged, the body does not sink the heat out, so the heat remains not decrease much.

Young people and normal health, you can use a temperature cold drinks around 8 – 15 ° C. Sultry summer, after labor, exercise can use boiled water or lemon juice, oranges, sugar cane … with few stones and drink slowly slowly. If cold drinks excessive will make the microchip in the stomach, intestinal spasms mucosa leads to anemia, which reduces gastrointestinal function.

At another point, many argued that, for older people, especially those with cardiovascular disease, cerebral circulatory insufficiency should be used with caution as cold drinks. Because not only cause damage to the digestive system, but also can lead to cerebral vasospasm. Therefore, the elderly should be limited to maximum cold drinks, it is best to drink warm water.

It should not be eating and drinking (especially cold water). Thus easily lead to a negative impact to the digestive system, increased body volume, easily lead to a quick no. When hot food or exercise, hot labor will drink lots of cold water will make your body more energy consumption to balance the heat is not entirely accurate. Drinking ice water also makes the operation of the cardiovascular system affected. Explaining this phenomenon, Yvonne Bohn Specialist, physician and cardiologist at the Medical Center Cystex said vagus nerve running through the neck susceptible to heat impact and influence. Drink plenty of water when cold, the nervous system will be inhibited leads to decrease heart rate. However, scientists from the Mayo Clinic and Columbia University asserts that information is not reliable.

How drinking water is good for the cardiovascular system?

Drinking water is also not affect the cardiovascular system but also no water is good for the heart, BS. Ngoc share. Drinking water should be sufficiently clean that is, some patients with chronic heart failure need to limit the amount of water and salt to reduce the load on the heart but also not entirely limited drink enough designated by the cardiologist. Dr. Ngoc noted.

If the detection of recurrent stroke should monitor blood pressure index signals weak nerve numbness stunned headache. However, if the occurrence of these signs are sometimes late. If you have a history of stroke need to base major cardiovascular to explore managed to find the cause of a stroke from which strategy cure because if the stroke happened to the 2nd, 3rd, it is very difficult to survive . Nowadays with the advancement of cardiovascular medicine and industry, finding the cause and cure is entirely possible.

Tips for heart patients


According to MA. Jade, for cardiovascular disease who should have specific diet for each disease such as hypertension – heart failure, the reduction salt diet: remember that reducing salt rather bland average of about 2- 3g salt / day (normal people eat from 6-12g) reduce the amount of salt that is about 1 / 3-1 / 2 compared with normal note is salt in the sauce. For people with metabolic disorders, the foods rich in cholesterol, such as eggs minded hearts and viscera of animals should also be limited, if any cardiovascular disease and diabetes, the dietetic sweets, jams, dried fruit, and vegetables rich because after eating starch will be difficult to control blood sugar. Generally, also without dieting too much cream simply note adequate compliance eat diets and medicines as directed by your therapist.

Super new antibody kills 99% of HIV

Scientists have created a type of antibodies that attack the HIV virus and 99% of the vaccine can prevent HIV infection in primates.

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This antibody is intended to attack the 3 important parts of the HIV virus, making the virus hardly resisting is its efficiency.

This is a research collaboration between the U.S. national institutes of health and Sanofi.

The International AIDS Association said it was a significant step forward. Test on who will start in 2018 to see if it can prevent or treat HIV infection or not.

Our bodies struggling against HIV by a virus capable of astonishing change.

The HIV virus, or the strain of HIV in a patient’s own capable of comparison with the flu virus during a flu season around the world.

Therefore, the immune system will be difficult to resist the HIV virus strains bulk could not pass up.

Super antibodies

After years of viral infection, a small number of patients has grown to be “effective” weapon called “the antibodies that neutralize a wide spectrum” may attack the HIV virus and can essentially kill the HIV virus strains in large arrays.

Researchers have tried to use the antibodies that neutralize a wide spectrum as a way to treat HIV, or prevent HIV infection in the early stages.

Research (published on the journal Science) have included all three types of antibodies to create sets of 3 powerful antibodies.

TS. Gary Nabel, leaders, scientists at Sanofi and one other report authors, for the BBC said: “this set of 3 very potential and have broad spectrum than any natural antibodies would ever discovered”. Naturally occurring antibodies will best targeted 90% of the HIV-virus flow.

“We are covering is 99%, and can even be covered with extremely low antibody concentrations”, TS. Nabel said.

Experiments on the 24 monkeys shows no of this monkey was injected the antibody HIV-infected 3 when they were injected with HIV then. TS. Nabel said: “this must be too impressive protection level”.

Research on the features of Harvard Medical School, Scripps Research Institute, and the Massachusetts Institute of technology.

Experiment on people by the year 2018

Clinical tests on humans will be conducted next year. GS. Linda-Gail Bekker, President of the International AIDS society, for the BBC said: “this report is a good step forward”

“The transcendence of this antibody will pass both natural antibodies and can bring more applications than we can envisions to date”.

“It is just the first day, and as a scientist, I look forward to seeing the first tests will start in 2018”.

“As a doctor in Africa, I feel much urgency to assert this results in people as soon as possible”.


TS. Anthony Fauci, Director of the Institute of infectious diseases and allergic disease countries of America said: “the combination of antibody that each antibody aimed at a particular location of HIV can be way optimal protection from viruses to treat and prevent HIV infection antibody-based efficiency “.

Strange how cough with grilled oranges

This season many cough

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According to Liang y Cherry (originally a doctor of traditional medicine Institute, military), delivered on the cold night-hot season is very prone to cough phlegm no fever, no khan, but persistent … cause fatigue, discomfort and annoyance when communication, daily living activities. The cough usually occurs at night, near the light, cause sleeplessness, fatigue, loss of strength.

Prolonged cough, dry cough, sometimes coughing phlegm no sore throat, no fever and rash, easy to occur in people who have a place prone to irritation when the weather changes, so cold …

Cough due to respiratory infections or encounter after suffering a cold, flu, commonly used antibiotics that are still not out, so long will lead to pharyngitis, laryngitis, inflammation of the ears even at risk of throat cancer.

The following treatment guidelines medical salary ho simply, effectively relieving the spasm ended, dry cough, coughing sharply have phlegm, cough due to throat inflammation (and bronchitis) … due to weather changes.

Cough expectorant have simply by Orange bake

Grilled Orange cough medicines safe post is old now works for both adults and young children.

In the shell and gut commitment to have the treatment respiratory diseases as expectorant, cure coughs, flu … When grilled, this substance is used, warm, easy to eat and soothe the burning pain spasm is the throat.

Way 1:

Select a sweet orange (orange line types, do not use imported Orange, Orange train because ineffective by cam).

Soak oranges in salted water for 20 minutes to kill bacteria, dirt, chemicals (if any) outside the orange peel.

Orange baked directly on the charcoal fire (or stove, simmer). Need to constantly flip the oranges to oranges aren’t burned.

Bake for about 10 minutes.

Orange brings out fresh peeled easily. Hot In gut-level orange at the moment just enough.

Orange peel baking pressed for children to drink.

Adults should eat raw Orange baked time zone as possible.

How this helps treat coughs have phlegm rising very fast without the use of drugs.

Method 2:

Cure a cough with intensive Orange bake

Should select the orange peel, fresh gold wash, soak the salted water 5 minutes. Orange picked out and drained.

Cut Crown of Orange, put 1 spoon of salt into the café Orange then cover casing has just cut up the tip.

To effectively relieve cough should best baked orange in the microwave for 10-15 minutes then take off. At this very fragrant matured cam, easy peeling, easy to eat and need to eat orange peel, cloves, Orange, even when warmed

Adults, every day should be eating 2-3 times and 1 orange.

Children can eat 1/2-1/3 Orange, day 2 times. Older yet chewed cloves and orange peel should be for the child to drink orange juice Grill will reduce the spasm pain, burning throat.

Method 3:

Orange rind washed, soaked with salt water dilution, roasted on the kitchen, eat while still hot.

If a heavy cough can eat orange peel baking 2-3 would warm the neck, throat, phlegm, good end to violent coughing at night.

Who should not use baked Orange cough

Some objects do not use orange baked to cure cough

-New surgery.

-Sick people sinusitis, inflammation of the middle ear.

-People trapped stomach pain.

-People who are hungry, who are about to go to bed should not use grilled Orange, because that affects the gastrointestinal tract.

-Children under 12 months of age should not use orange Grill.


Cosmetic surgery “in the home”, young girl narrowly nose necrosis

Believe in the attractive advertisement on facebook, 17 year old girl to the Salon “at home” in a condo make nose with costs cheap. After 3 days, the whole family a dozen fire brought this girl to BV because appears more blisters, swelling, pain and very uncomfortable.


Information from HO CHI MINH CITY said the United Kingdom Referendum just BV received and successful treatment for a young patient named N.T. L (age 17, SAIGON) in severe complications after injections of fillers in nose a cosmetic basis. According to Pham Khanh Zhèng TS.BS (Dean Burns cosmetic, BV features the United Kingdom), who perform aesthetic patient nose completely without any professional licenses, “the patient said the home base of advertising substances are injected into his nose is filled imported from South Korea, very safe and when done will guarantee beauty “, Dr Mahadevan for more information.

However, after only 3 days after conducting fillers with nose pumps 1.5 million patients, L to BV because appears more weird signs on face, nasal swelling, pustules filled L lổm chổm very scary. According to the initial diagnosis of the BS, this patient suffers severe complications due to use fillers of unknown origin, plus the aesthetic execution has no ears, thus leading to the situation as above.

Also according to BS Khanh said, a little while ago, each had a patient 37 years to the BV treatment because the two parties face deformed, cheek appeared severe abscesses due to complications make dimpled in a cosmetic basis are not permission to operate.

See aesthetics profession “eating should make out,” Mrs. L (in the West) to a vocational aesthetics have not yet been licensed to apprentices with the costs of 20 million. Here, she was a friend of General learning practise cut dimpled, hit her face on the eyelid, but just make do cheek lúm heavy complications occurred.

According to BS Khanh, if patients hospitalized late can lead to death due to abscesses were very heavy infections, festering many. At present both patients were showing signs of recovery.

According to the statistics of the Burns cosmetic BV Featured faculty, previously the United Kingdom the majority receiving ca complications of silicone injection is mostly, of the few remaining is due to injections of fillers. Currently, each month from 1.2 cases of complications due to injections of fillers to BV to the treatment, the case on this increasingly more common.

To prevent the complications of cosmetic surgery caused Rahwa BS, give advice should not believe in social networks or the advertisement “wings” on the basis of aesthetics are not safe. “Before deciding on the surgery, patients should consider carefully who perform for anybody, that facility has licensed or not? Avoid the cheap ham because that to the home base, easily cause severe complications after surgery, “DR Khanh recommended.

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